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  1. Week-2 of WRC-23 continued with slow progress on current items and the first signs of the future agenda. IARU President Tim Ellam VE6SH arrived to witness for himself the challenges, and got a cherished ITU video interview. Meetings continued on Tuesday and Wednesday on various items including 23cm, Radar Sounders and Space weather. Chairing the […]
  2. Week-2 of WRC-23 started with a 9am meeting of the AI-9.1b, 23cm topic, followed by 40-50MHz radar sounders. The latest 23cm meeting considered a draft CEPT Resolution to incorporate/mandate the levels in new ITU Recommendation M.2164 to protect radio-navigation satellites (RNSS) in 1240-1300MHz. This predictably ran into some concerns from other regions. Alternatives on the draft […]
  3. From now on, we are no longer displaying file size information for downloadable files on the website You will be used to seeing a format like this – File Download (4-page/150KB PDF) This practice dates from a time when dial-up or very slow broadband connections were commonplace, and it was necessary to warn users before […]
  4. Born in Docking, Norfolk, in 1938, Dad was always keen on radio communication and had an amazing sense of humour right until the very end of his life.    Robin moved all over North Norfolk as a child including Docking, Ringstead, Sedgeford, Fring and Holme. After two years of National Service in the RAF, he […]
  5. WRC-23 finished its first week with all current agenda items underway and an early discussion on new ones for WRC27/31. Amateur interests have been cropping up on a wide front   – both 23cm and other bands from HF to mmWaves. As previously reported, AI-9.1b on 1240-1300MHz has seen Recommendation ITU-R M.2164 released just beforehand. A […]