Application for Membership

The membership dues annual rate is $25 or $12.50 for a member more than 75 miles (your best estimate) from Grid Square EL29HS (downtown Houston, TX).

Membership dues are for one calendar year prorated monthly. Complete the following online form and click on the "Submit" button.

Send payment via PayPal or personal check. PayPal is strongly preferred.

PayPal payable to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add a Note: TDXS membership dues from (your callsign).
Also, please select the PayPal option "Sending to a friend".

Personal check payable to the Texas DX Society.

HOUSTON TX 77080-7603

TDXS Officers,

This TDXS Membership Application was completed by a prospective TDXS candidate.

  • SECRETARY, please notify the BoD Reflector that the application is complete, as necessary, and in order. If not, ask the applicant to update and resubmit the application.
  • TREASURER, please notify the BoD Reflector when you receive the applicant's payment.
  • VP MEMBERSHIP, please welcome the new member and notify the BoD Reflector that you have done so.
  • NEWSLETTER EDITOR, please make note of the applicant's birth month if provided on the application.
  • CONTEST CHAIRMAN, please notify the BoD Reflector that the new member was added to the ARRL Club Competition Eligibility List. (if applicable)
  • WEBMASTER, please notify the BoD Reflector that the TDXS website is updated.