In memory of our friend,
Mack C. Arp - W5EET
September 26, 1936 - June 27, 2

From the Houston Chronicle, June 29, 2008:
Mack C. Arp, age 71, passed away June 27, 2008.  Mack is survived by his devoted wife of 36 years Kathryn; daughters: Glenda Krouch (Kevin), Janis Arp, Mallory Eastwood (Mark), Stacey Tortorice, Jennifer Thibodeaux (Paul), Kelly Parras (Rick); 9 grandchildren, in addition to numerous family and friends.
Visitation will be 6:00-8:00 PM Sunday, June 29, 2008 at Earthman Resthaven, 13102 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060.  Funeral service will be 10:00 AM Monday, June 30, 2008 at Earthman Resthaven Chapel.  Interment will follow at Earthman Resthaven Cemetery.
From those who were blessed to have known Mack:
"Mack was the kind of guy that when you talked to him, somehow he made you feel better. I don't know what it was, it just was!" said H.O. Townsend, K5CX.
"Mack was first licensed in 1954 and he loved chasing DX on CW.  He had a real love for QRP operating.  After working the ST0RY DXpedition to the Sudan in 2003, Mack wrote them saying 'Thank you for the opportunity you provided. It has been a long time since I remember being as excited as I was when I heard W5 dit-dit-dah 5NN coming back to me after calling you. I only wish I had been able to work you on all bands and all modes, but it was just not meant to be, even though I chased the crew for many days. The bragging rights for just the one contact are, as an American television commercial goes "priceless". I have a real ST0RY to tell my 4 grandsons when they get a little older (and hopefully become amateur radio operators).' One thing that kept Mack fighting to the end was the hope of feeling well enough to attend another TDXS meeting and seeing all his friends.  He passed away the morning that we were setting up for Field Day, and our efforts were dedicated to his memory.  He had a smile that would brighten your whole day!  Mack became a member of the Texas DX Society in 2005.  He was also a member of the ARRL, Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club, the North American QRP CW Club, the Houston QRP Group, and the Long Island QRP Club.  He will be deeply missed by all his brothers and sisters in ham radio." - Steve Smothers, W9DX.
Mack, was a good friend and a genuine old school Ham. First licensed as a Novice in 1954, he had a foundation of building and experimenting, especially with antennas. Mack was also a member of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club and belonged to the Houston QRP Group, participating in many Field Days and QRP Field events throughout the year. We will all miss his technical inquisitiveness, mild mannered demeanor and his homebrew antenna system "contraptions" for field operation -- hi. I wish I could have known him longer.  - Rick Hiller, W5RH
I first met Mack when I decided that Houston needed to reactivate a QRP group of some kind after the previous one sort of collapsed due to some pretty odd circumstances. I asked around and then sent out emails, others sent out some more, and pretty soon we had enough guys for a couple of meetings. Mack was active from the first, and I never met a nicer guy. Always willing, always sharing knowledge, and always ever humble about what he knew. A true Texas/Southern gentleman with a big smile and just a heck of an all around nice guy.  When the Houston MosQRPitos became a valid group, he was right there and active - a solid QRP'er to the end, as amazed as any of us at what 1-5 watts can do. We had a number of great discussions about antennas and low power and could hold his own with anyone. He will be sorely missed, not only by his friends and those he met, but by those who never had a chance to meet him. - Mike Goins, K5WMG