A52P A52CI Bhutan Apr 19-May 4
CY9C Saint Paul Island Aug 26-Sep 5
N5J Jarvis Island Aug 5-20
TT8XX Chad until Apr 30


Nebraska QSO Party: 1100Z Apr 20 to 2259Z Apr 21
Texas State Parks on the Air: 1400Z Apr 20 to 0200Z Apr 21 and 1400Z-2000Z Apr 21
Michigan QSO Party: 1600Z Apr 20 to 0400Z Apr 21
10-10 Int. Spring Contest, Digital: 0001Z Apr 27 to 2359Z Apr 28
UK/EI DX Contest, CW: 1200Z Apr 27 to 1200Z Apr 28
Florida QSO Party: 1600Z Apr 27 to 0159Z Apr 28 and 1200Z-2159Z Apr 28
ARI International DX Contest: 1200Z May 4 to 1159Z May 5
7th Call Area QSO Party: 1300Z May 4 to 0700Z May 5
Indiana QSO Party: 1500Z May 4 to 0300Z May 5
Delaware QSO Party: 1700Z May 4 to 2359Z May 5
CQ WW WPX Contest, CW: 0000Z May 25 to 2359Z May 26