7P8CW Lesotho Nov 1-9
D60AE Comoro Islands Oct 5-17
FH/OK1M Mayotte 12-25 Sep
J20EE Djibouti durng Aug and Sep
J28MD Djibouti Oct 29 - Nov 7
JX/LB4MI Jan Mayen until early Oct
LY786A Lithuania until Sep 30
TY0RU Benin Oct 14-27
VK0MQ Macquarie Is. mid June to October
VK9CM Cocos Keeling Is. Oct 26 - Nov 3
VP8TAA Falkland Islands until early Nov


CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY: 0000Z Sep 24 to 2400Z Sep 25
Maine QSO Party: 1200Z Sep 24 to 1200Z Sep 25
Oceania DX Contest, Phone: 0600Z Oct 1 to 0600Z Oct 2
Worked All Provinces of China DX Contest: 0600Z Oct 1 to 0559Z Oct 2
Russian WW Digital Contest: 1200Z Oct 1 to 1159Z Oct 2
Makrothen RTTY Contest: 0000Z-0800Z, 1600Z-2400Z Oct 8 and  0800Z-1600Z Oct 9
Nevada QSO Party: 0300Z Oct 8 to 2100Z Oct 9
Oceania DX Contest, CW: 0600Z Oct 8 to 0600Z Oct 9
Arizona QSO Party: 1500Z Oct 8 to 0500Z Oct 9
South Dakota QSO Party: 1800Z Oct 8 to 1800Z Oct 9
JARTS WW RTTY Contest: 0000Z Oct 15 to 2400Z Oct 16
ARRL EME Contest: 0000Z Oct 15 to 2359Z Oct 16
10-10 Int. Fall Contest, CW: 0001Z Oct 15 to 2359Z Oct 16
New York QSO Party: 1400Z Oct 15 to 0200Z Oct 16
Worked All Germany Contest: 1500Z Oct 15 to 1459Z Oct 16