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7P8CF & 7P8KDJ Lesotho DXpedition

by K5LBU & W5KDJ
March 11-20, 2011


We operated from The Trading Post Lodge in Roma, Lesotho.

Longitude 27.740479 E,  Latitude 29.458208 S

Grid square: KG30un


 We had 2 stations on the air for most of the period,

on 10-160m for SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK.

We had a Tennadyne T6 at about 40 feet, a R7 vertical along with a Tennadyne TD-160

 which is a folded Dipole that is 126 feet overall in length.


News Update - March 14:  Wayne reports that all bands fairly dead when they arrived,

but coming back now.  Best propagation has been on 12m.  Only one station

currently on the air (7P8KDJ) on CW & RTTY.  Hope to get Frosty's gear out of

customs later today or tomorrow and erect the rest of the antennas for 10-160m.

Log search webpage is now online.  Check back for periodic updates.

Dial-up internet access is limited at the moment.


News Update - March 17:  Both stations are active on all bands and modes,

including RTTY and PSK31.  The Tennedyne T-6 is up and working well.

We will be active through Sunday evening, and departing Monday.


News Update - March 18:  Wayne reports that propagation has been very poor

with only about a 10 hour window each day.  15m has been better the last day or so

than any of the other bands.  His amp blew-up yesterday, and is now limited to only

200w on CW and 150w on RTTY.  Log search webpage updated.


New Update - March 20:  T-6 antenna coming down Sunday afternoon as we prepare

to depart for Johannesburg RSA Monday morning.  Thanks to all who worked us! 



7P8CF (Frosty K5LBU) and 7P8KDJ (Wayne W5KDJ) working the pile-ups during previous DXpeditions to Africa.


Team Lesotho Callsigns & QSL Routes

Lesotho Callsign Home call and QSL route Name
7P8CFK5LBU - direct & LoTWFrosty
7P8KDJ W5KDJ - no bureau cards please.  Only direct with SASE, LoTW & eQSL. Wayne

Log Search webpage is now online.

Team Lesotho - 2011

Team  Members Name  Home Callsign Bio
Frosty K5LBU

First licensed in 1960. Studied electronics at Texas A&M and worked for LTV Garland Texas, and Galaxy Electronics in Iowa.  Owned and operated a commercial radio store in Houston for many years.  Operated in Ghana as 9G1LL (1979); Sudan K5LBU/ST0 (1980); Cyprus 5Z4 & Cameroon TJ (1981), 6Y5, OA, HZ1AB (1985-1990); Zambia 9J2CF (1991); Sierra Leone 9L1CF (1994); VK4KBU (1999); RSA K5LBU/ZS6 & Swaziland 3DA0CF (2000-2005), Mozambique C91CF (2003, 2006, 2008),  A25CF (2007).  Retired school teacher since 2010.  Member of the Texas DX Society since 1998, past president of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Wayne W5KDJ

First licensed 1955.  Retired USNR.  Favorite modes CW & RTTY.  Previous DXpeditions include TF2WJN (1965-1967), SV0WWW (1972-1974), 3DA0KDJ (2005), A25KDJ (2007), C91KDJ (2007), YN2KDJ (2008), 5R9KD (2009), YI9PSE (2010). 

1998-2005 - QRP only, 1st place in 6m contest running 50mw.

Member of the Texas DX Society since 2005.




Current Weather Conditions in Lesotho


Sunrise & Sunset Times in Lesotho



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