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C9 - MOZAMBIQUE DXpedition
March 27 - April 5, 2009


We operated from Bilene, Maputo Province, Mozambique.

Bilene is 180km from the capital city of Maputo.

Latitude: 25.2867S   Longitude: 33.2475E

Grid Square: KG64



News 27 March: The C91TX Team started operations on Friday morning.

First QSO was made with 4Z4DX at 08:21 UTC. 


News 29 March: Frequent power outages disrupting the contesting efforts. 

Out for 8 hours on Saturday, and 2 hours so far on Sunday. 


News 4 April: The C91TX team wrap up their operations and prepare to depart Mozambique,

just as band conditions on 160m finally open up to North America.  Last logged QSO with

EA8JB at 19:32 UTC.


News April 8: The C9 Team arrived home in Houston Wednesday evening April 8th.  The jet-lagged crew

made their first program presentation of their trip Thursday night April 9th at the Texas DX Society meeting.

Online log search is now available on the link below.


TDXS C91TX Team: (left side l-r): Jim N4AL, Madison W5MJ

Right side top to bottom: Bill K5WAF, Paul W5PF. Cal WF5W, and Dale KG5U


Breakfast in Bilene: (l-r) Paul W5PF, Dale KG5U, Bill K5WAF, Madison W5MJ, Cal WF5W, Jim N4AL


Bill K5WAF and Paul W5PF are all smiles as the first RTTY QSO is made!


3 stations running the pile-ups.  (l-r) Madison W5MJ, Cal WF5W, and Jim N4AL


Team photos courtesy of Dale Martin KG5U.


We were on the air with 3 active stations.  One station each for CW, SSB, and digital modes. 

Antennas were T-8 Log-periodics thanks to Tennedyne, and were up at about 50 feet plus.

We also used a 40 meter 4 square.  Our 72 foot vertical was used for 160/80/30 meters.

We used one Tokyo Hy-Power amp, and two IC-2KL amps. 

We also participated in the CQWW WPX Phone contest, and in spite of long power outages,

we took home the "Contest Expedition World Winner" Plaque!  Our thanks to

Andre Coelho PT7ZZ for sponsoring this award.



C91TX Log Search webpage 


Our QSL Manager for C91TX is W5PF.

Logs have already been uploaded to ARRL's LoTW.


Team  MembersName  Home Callsign Bio
Cal WF5W

First licensed K0IQY 1957.  Lived and licensed in England as G5EGB four years, in South Korea as HL9EP five years. Held local license during vacations in New Zealand 1987,  Australia 1987. DXpeditions:  Orkney Islands 1999, Yap 2003,  Falkland Islands  2004, Malta 2006, Belize 2007, BVI 2007, 5J0E 2008.    Favorite mode - CW.  Mic usually not attached to the rig. Straight key always attached.  Hold: DXCC Honor Roll (Mixed),  5BDXCC,  P100 Oblast award.  TDXS Vice President of Programs.

Paul W5PF

First licensed in 1963 as KN3YNI. Licensed again in 1970 as WB5DBT.

Held LA0FV and worked portable as LA0FV/PA in 1988-1990.  DXpeditions include J3/W5PF in 2001, V63PF in 2003, VP8WWW in 2004, Malta 2006, Belize 2007, BVI 2007, 5J0E 2008. Contested at XA5T and 6D2YFM including the Number 1 NA Multi-single Phone team in 2002.  DXCC Honor Roll Mixed. I have operated mostly phone but have done more CW and RTTY recently. TDXS Vice President of Membership & Bullsheet Editor, TDXS President 2009.

Madison W5MJ

First licensed in 1993.  Previous calls: KB5ZMH, AB5TV. DXpeditions: Falkland Islands VP8WMJ (2004), Lesotho 7P8MJ (2003), 9H3V (2006), Member of the VU7RG Team to Lakshadweep Islands (2007). Was a member of the XA5T 2nd place World ARRL DX in both CW and SSB in 2001, 1st place CQ WPX CW 1997 5th call area. DXCC-CW.  Favorite mode: CW

Bill K5WAF

First licensed 1963 as WN2LYO. Previous callsigns: WB2LYO, and /9
while attending Purdue. Re-licensed as WB8TKD in 1974. Received K5WAF in
Houston Sept 2000. 9H3WF 2006, VP2V/K5WAF 2007, 5J0E 2008. Served as TDXS Field Day Chairman & Treasurer in 2005 & 2006. Currently serving TDXS as
Secretary/Treasurer. DXCC: 5BDXCC, 7 Band Mixed, Phone, CW & RTTY. Favorite mode: CW   Home page: www.k5waf.com

Dale KG5U

First licensed in 1959 as WV6ODF in Whittier, CA.  Joined the Navy in '63, and because I knew CW was sent to Radioman School & spent 4 yrs in the Naval Communications field.  Operated from Iceland while in the Navy as TF2WIY.  Joined NASA Johnson Space Center (then Manned Spacecraft Center) in '67 working in Communications, Electronics Construction, Television Operations, & finally, Computer Security before retiring in '02.  Enjoy contesting  (QRP and QRO) & doing the Texas QSO Party as SO mobile CW.  Active member of Johnson Space Center ARC/W5RRR ('67), TDXS  ('81), & CTDXCC (2000).

Jim N4AL

First licensed in 1966 as WN4DSB. Held the call AA5F for twenty years before obtaining the call N4AL while living in Alabama in 1999. Has held the call SV0JB since 1992 and operates regularly from a QTH near Athens, Greece. A member of the ARRL and the Radio Amateur Association of Greece, he holds DXCC from both countries and is on the DXCC Honor Roll and holds 5BDXCC in the USA. Operates SSB, CW, and RTTY.  Was a member of the TDXS 5J0E DXpedition in 2008.

We gratefully acknowledge Tennadyne for donating the T8 beams used in our past C9 DXpeditions.



This is the 72 foot vertical that we use for 160-80 and it also works on 30 meters.



If you're interested in joining the next DXpedition

to Africa, contact K5LBU at
frosty1@pdq.net for more details.

Be sure to visit the African DX Safari home page at:



Current Weather Conditions in Maputo, Mozambique


Sunrise & Sunset Times in Maputo



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