Team Members: Cal White WF5W (V31EA),

Eddy Reynolds K5WQG (V31MR), Nancy Kott WZ8C (V31AN),

and Bob Mennell WB5IUU (V31UU).

QSL via home calls. 


(left to right): Eddy K5WQG (V31MR), Cal WF5W (V31EA), Nancy WZ8C (V31AN), Bob WB5IUU (V31UU)

The team operated CW-only from Placencia, Belize.

The Glass Arm DXpedition will be using Straight Keys exclusively, provided compliments of FISTS member Marshall (N1FN) Emmís Morse Express and GHD Keys.

The dates of the trip were chosen to coincide with the G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest September 8-10. They hope you were able to add them to your log. Special efforts were made to listen for QRPers and slower operators. Operation was mainly in the lower part of the General bands and they worked two hour shifts, and kept two stations on the air as much as possible, especially during the contest hours.  For contest rules and exchange, go to the The International G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest webpage.  Be sure to submit your contest logs.

Commemorative T-shirts are available for $16 postpaid, sizes M-3X. Proceeds will go toward defraying the cost of the trip.  The shirts are sandy beige with a colorful toucan perched atop the FISTS key logo.  A TDXS logo is also on the shirt.  (TDXS = Texas DX Society, Cal, Eddy and Bob are members). Get the shirt via paypal to (NOT or Nancy Kott, PO Box 807, Hadley MI 48440.


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