How to pick a Contest, by Joe Staples - W5ASP

Contesting from Mexico: XA5T 1999


TDXS is a proud sponsor of the following contest award plaques: 






This page is to encourage contest participation because getting members engaged in club activities is good for the well being and health of TDXS.  Also, I want to see TDXS rank high in club aggregate score listings for major contests.  This would make people feel better about TDXS, and improve TDXS's visibility in the national and international ham community.  It would be great if TDXS's reputation as a high powered DX contest club could open doors for us when asking vendors for door prizes or DXpedition help.  Right now, we just want to focus on the spring contest season.  In the fall we will revisit it.  I would like to ask each TDXS member to do three things this spring:  Report, Operate, and Collaborate.


1)  Report.  For each contest you work, even if you just make a few Qs, please make sure that you report your results as follows.

a)  Send your log to the contest sponsor.  With today's software, almost every logging program can output a Cabrillo formatted file quite easily.  Then it is a simple matter to email it to the contest sponsor.  Please be sure to indicate Texas DX Society as your club affiliation.


b)  Post you summary sheet, or at least your total score, to 3830.

     You can browse the 3830 archives to view others scores


c)  Post you summary sheet, or at least your total score, to the TDXS reflector.    [Or, just cc the TDXS reflector when posting to 3830.]

Like they say "It doesn't count until the paper work is done."


2)  Operate.  Pick a contest for TDXS to focus on, encourage all members to make at least 100 QSOs and report scores toward an aggregate TDXS score.  TDXS did this last year and had great participation.  I've prepared a list of major spring contests from which we can choose.  We would have to decide on mode; SSB or CW, or if enough interest RTTY or other mode.  Then we would have to pick a contest.  The Sprints are short 4 hour contests,  that would be good for folks who can't devote a full weekend to a contest.  WPX allows both domestic and DX contacts, if propagation is good we could work a lot of DX, if propagation is poor, there would still be a lot of domestic stations to work.  The ARRL Intl DX contests are strictly DX QSO affairs.  Considering that the TDXS Team Malta expedition will be participating in the ARRL Intl DX (SSB) contest, this might be a good one for the rest of the club to focus on also.  A club DXpedition score can be included in the club aggregate score.  Please email me with your vote for which contest to focus on.  If I've left your favorite contest off the list please let me know that also.  We will discuss at the February 9 TDXS meeting.


3)  Collaborate.  Pick a contest to operate a multi-single, or multi-multi.  Remember how much fun we had at Field Day?  This would be like that, except with out all of the antenna setup, and with out all of the hot weather.  This will require a member to set forward and volunteer his shack for a multi-op, or possibly, a multi 2 transmitter, contest operation.  Probably schedule 3 to 6 operators, per transmitter, over a 48 hour contest.  Doesn't need to be a super station, but a beam and an amp would be nice.  Again, we would have to decide on a mode and a contest.  Any shack host volunteers?




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