Team Mozambique Log Search Page

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Logs are valid for July, 2008 contacts only.

Logs for the following QSOs are now online:

C91CF     885 Qs    through 27 July 07:59 GMT

C91SL    4380 Qs    through 30 July 06:54 GMT

C91NZ    3141 Qs    through 25 July 21:20 GMT

C91TK    4495 Qs    through 30 July 09:40 GMT

C91XO    3883 Qs    through 18 July 23:48 GMT

C91OK    3226 Qs    through 29 July 08:11 GMT

C91YI      1787  Qs    through 25 July 17:31 GMT

3DA0OK  5318 Qs   from 19 July to 24 July


* There may be some QSOs not currently showing in the online logs since some paper logging was

done during the last few days due to computer problems.  If in doubt, send your QSL to the

manager for verification.

These are preliminary logs, subject to review by the QSL Mgr for each callsign.


There are 2 applets on this page.  Place a check in front of each log you wish to check.

If you worked us using /M, /P, or /QRP, be sure to include that in your callsign seach.

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