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7P8 Lesotho DXpedition
29 July - 12 August 2009

News flash:  Team Lesotho concluded operations at 12:00Z August 12.

 Thanks to everyone who worked the team and helping

to make this DXpedition a success!  Over 27,000 QSOs logged.

All final logs are now online below.


Taken just before our departure from Roma, Lesotho.

(l-r): Daniel ZS6JR, Ben DJ0YI, Pista HA5AO, Frosty K5LBU, Laurent W0MM, & John G3OOK/9M6XRO


We operated from The Trading Post Lodge in Roma, Lesotho.

Longitude 27.740479 E,  Latitude 29.458208 S

Grid square: KG30un


 We had 2 full time stations on the air for the entire 14 days,

on 10-160m for SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK.

  Both stations used a 4 element tribander for 10, 15, 20m and a 3 element WARC band yagi,

and they were up at about 70 feet plus.  We also had 40 meter 4 square and

of course the 72 foot vertical was used for 160/80/30 meters.

7P8CF (Frosty K5LBU) working the SSB pile-up, as 7P8MM (Laurent W0MM) satisfies the demand for 7P8 on CW.


Team Lesotho Callsigns & QSL Routes


Lesotho Callsign Home call and QSL route Name
7P8MM W0MM Laurent


QSL via mgr MURX only

7P8AO HA5AO Pista

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Team Lesotho - 2009

Team  MembersName  Home Callsign Bio
Frosty K5LBU Team Leader for African DX Safaris. First licensed in 1960. Studied electronics at Texas A&M and worked for LTV Garland Texas, and Galaxy Electronics in Iowa.  Owned and operated a commercial radio store in Houston for many years.  Operated in Ghana as 9G1LL (1979); Sudan K5LBU/ST0 (1980); Cyprus 5Z4 & Camaroon TJ (1981), 6Y5, OA, HZ1AB (1985-1990); Zambia 9J2CF (1991); Sierra Leone 9L1CF (1994); VK4KBU (1999); RSA K5LBU/ZS6 & Swaziland 3DA0CF (2000-2005), Mozambique C91CF (2003, 2006, 2008),  A25CF (2007).  Currently teaching middle school in Houston, and planning to retire in 2010.  Member of the Texas DX Society since 1998, past president of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club.
Laurent WMM First licensed in 1984 as FD1JTL. Member of the TM5M/TM1K contest team in the 80s. Obtained 5BDXCC in France in 1992 as F5JTL. QSL manager for several DX stations including ZD7X and OH0Z. Operated at 4U1ITU in 1988 and 1989 and as VR2/W0MM in 2004. Currently 8BDXCC and 5BWAZ (188/200) from the US. Member of the NR5M contest team. Trustee for K5AIS. Operates mostly CW. Webpage at http://w0mm.com  Member of the Texas DX Society since 2001.
John 9M6XRO

Started SWLing in Scotland aged 12, taught myself Morse and first licensed as GM3OOK in 1960. Also held calls GD3OOK & G3OOK.  Now retired from a career in the marine environment, offshore drilling and merchant marine radio operator. Based in Singapore about 10 yrs from '72 and very active as 9V1RS. Retired to E.Malaysia in 2005, operated as 9M6/G3OOK for the 1st yr & as 9M6XRO since then, making over 75K QSO's on all modes from 160m to 6m. Previous DXpedtions include: CU2/G3OOK (2001);  9M4SEB (2006); XU7XRO (2007+); A25OOK (2007);  V8FRO, C91XO, 3DA0OK, & ZS6/GM3OOK (2008).  Member of GMDX Group, CDXC, RSGB, RNARS, ISWL & in Malaysia MARTS and locally the BARC. Active contester. DXCC entities worked from 9M6 is 276 since 2005.


I had been a CW operator in the US Military 1959-1961 and during that time I found myself listening to those NON-Military stations talking to each other where as I only could transmit on the Military frequencies.  I told myself that I was going to be a ham when I was no longer with the services. I was first licensed in 1961 as WA9GLX.  In 1971  I also became DJ0YI and I was also issued N6MUF.  Up to 1995 I was just somewhat QRV.  I took part only in CW-Contests.  After retiring I operated in EA3, 9H3, TA3, M0, and a few longer  trips to HB0.  My first BIG DXpedition was to C9.  Now that is DX-ing!  I am presently very active as N6MUF and DJ0YI and enjoy looking for DX.  I hope to work many of you from 7P8.  QSL is always welcome via DJ0YI or QSL via LoTW.

Pista HA5AO

I was born in 1951. Licensed since 1976. Back in those times, I was active from the HA5KHT club station. I got HA7VT, my first callsing, in 1976, then HA5AO in 1984. I am active on the HF bands, mainly on CW. My most important contest results: 2005 IOTA Contest, 1st place World, 24 hour CW LP SOA, 2005 CQWW CW 21 MHz LP SOA HA 1st place, 2006 CQ WW WPX CW 21 MHz LP SOA EU 1st place.  Past DXpeditions: Island of Koror, Rep. Of Palau as T88CI in November/December 2008.  Prefered operation mode: CW  

Other callsign held: T88CI   Home page: ha5ao.novolab.hu


    4 element tribander + 3 element WARC band yagi on 70 ft crankup tower, and our homebrew 72 foot 160/80/30m vertical.


If you're interested in joining the next DXpedition

to Africa, contact K5LBU at
frosty1@pdq.net for more details.

Be sure to visit the African DX Safari home page at:



Current Weather Conditions in Lesotho


Sunrise & Sunset Times in Lesotho



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